Recent Events

January 25, 2015Annual Tree Ceremony at Beacon Hill Park, Mayor's Grove

 Celebrating the legacy of Winston Churchill 
on the 50th anniversary of his death. 

November 22, 2014: Luncheon celebration of Sir Winston Churchill's 140th birthday at the Royal Colwood Golf Club

July 12, 2014: 5th Annual Painting Companion Award
at "Acres of Art", Coast Collective Arts Centre, 3221 Heatherbell Rd. Colwood B.C.

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014: 2014 Annual General Meeting  with Dr. Joel Fagan on "Winston Churchill and the Jews"

January 19, 2014: Churchill Tree Ceremony in Mayor’s Grove, Beacon Hill Park 

November 30, 2013:  “Winston Churchill and the British Empire” luncheon with speaker, Christopher Ross, Research Fellow at the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria

July 7 2013: 4th Annual Painting Companion Award at Acres of Art & Wet Canvas Show at Coast Collective in Colwood 

July 5 2013: Winston Churchill at the Union Club Shaw TV Channel 4 filmed a segment featuring Winston Churchill at the Union Club. To see a video of Victor Green as Winston Churchill go to

Thank you, Lynne Olsen and all guests, for a wonderful evening of food and history at the Churchill Memorial Gala, June 13 2013!

Churchillian Photo Contributions

Churchillian Photo Contributions
Chasing Churchill: About 2.5 hours up the N2 from Durban lies the monument to a moment in history that could have changed the world stage had Churchill not escaped his Boer captors (photo shared by Jim Runkel of Victoria B.C.) HAVE A CHURCHILL-RELATED PHOTO YOU'D LIKE TO SHARE? Please send your photos to