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Membership in the Sir Winston Churchill Society of Vancouver Island will entitle you to attend events and activities locally, as well as participate in a variety of events held nationally and internationally. These all feature outstanding speakers on important matters of public interest in honour of the memory of Sir Winston.

Two publications from the Churchill Centre: “Finest Hour, The Journal of Winston Churchill” is an attractive and comprehensive magazine containing scholarly speeches and papers, as well as material from lectures and theses, works from fraternal organizations. In addition, there are some less scholarly, but very popular columns and features such as “Wit and Wisdom”, the “Quiz”, and “Around and About”. This publication is truly aimed not only at Churchill scholars but also at anyone with a serious and abiding interest in Churchill generally; The “Chartwell Bulletin” is devoted to information about officers, events coverage, news and business matters relating to the Centre and to the many Churchill Societies and Affiliates around the world and is available to members online.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member and having you participate in honouring the life and achievements of Sir Winston Spencer Churchill.

Churchillian Photo Contributions

Churchillian Photo Contributions
Chasing Churchill: About 2.5 hours up the N2 from Durban lies the monument to a moment in history that could have changed the world stage had Churchill not escaped his Boer captors (photo shared by Jim Runkel of Victoria B.C.) HAVE A CHURCHILL-RELATED PHOTO YOU'D LIKE TO SHARE? Please send your photos to