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11th Annual Gathering of Churchill Fans at Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, January 2009

On Sunday, Jan 25, 2009, fans of Churchill gathered again in Beacon Hill Park, at the foot of Quadra St., Victoria, in front of the hawthorn tree that Sir Winston planted in 1929. This event was hosted, as usual, by Les Leyne, columnist with the Times Colonist newspaper and supported by members of the Sir Winston Churchill Society of Vancouver Island. About 90 people bravely turned out on a cold and blustery day and a few folks shared stories about the great statesman. All joined in a toast to his memory and took part in a draw for prizes.

The Right Honorable Winston L.S. Churchill
planted this tree
Sept. 6 1929
Hawthorn tree planted by Churchill in spring bloom, May 2008, with a plaque nearly hidden in the tall grass.
Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC, Canada

Former Society President,
Mary-Jane Shaw, and Lord Boyce

Lady Soames, Churchill's daughter, and Kieran Wilson, youth member, at the 24th International Churchill Conference in Vancouver BC

Vancouver Island Members at the 24th International Conference, 2007, Vancouver BC, Canada

WW11 Victory Bell becomes Official Gavel for Sir Winston Churchill Society VI

At the March 29, 2007 AGM, member Lyle Acton presented Sir Winston Churchill Society of Vancouver Island with a special bell. This bell had been bought at auction by Lyle and he deemed it fitting and proper that it should have an official place as the Society’s “gavel”. It was gratefully received and will be put to good use at meetings and special occasions.

This was a “Victory Bell” dating from the end of the Second World War, made in several different sizes and sold in aid of the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, to assist war widows. The handle is decorated with the motif “V” for victory and in relief around the bell are the profiles of Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin with the words, “CAST WITH METAL FROM GERMAN AIRCRAFT SHOT DOWN OVER BRITAIN 1939-45 R.A.F. BENEVOLENT FUND”.

The bell was previously owned by another of our Churchill Society members, Isabel Morrison, who acquired it some years previously when she and her husband were in a buying mood for anything to do with Winston Churchill. When Isabel donated it for one of our Society auctions, it was purchased by Lyle who subsequently returned it to us as a much appreciated donation.

The engraved plaque on the bell cover reads “Presented to The Sir Winston Churchill Society of Vancouver Island By: Isabel Morrison/Angela & Lyle Acton, March 29, 2007”.

Churchillian Photo Contributions

Churchillian Photo Contributions
Chasing Churchill: About 2.5 hours up the N2 from Durban lies the monument to a moment in history that could have changed the world stage had Churchill not escaped his Boer captors (photo shared by Jim Runkel of Victoria B.C.) HAVE A CHURCHILL-RELATED PHOTO YOU'D LIKE TO SHARE? Please send your photos to